Definition of brand DNA.
Definition of target public.
Digital business model consultancy.
User research
Ethnographic research
Content creation
UX Design
Art direction
UI interface design

Centre Hípic Aventures a Cavall

The “Centre Hípic Aventures a Cavall” was going through a turning point. The business model had to be defined and the brand and its communication had to be completely designed. We worked together with the client to find a new positioning and find its target audience, researching and specifying the type of user looking for this service at a digital level.

At the user research level, heuristic usability analysis and ethnographic research were carried out in order to design a clear and targeted website that would effectively communicate all the services provided by the Centre.

Our aim was to make the brand approachable, very adventurous, and to treat the public in a frank way, without the snobbery that certain equestrian centres often convey. Visit the website