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Hey! Idiomes

A modern brand has to be more than just a logo, it has to live and breathe a world of its own. Hey! Idiomes gave me the opportunity to work on the project from level one: the naming, the commercial strategy, the brand strategy, the corporate identity, the tone of communication and the whole graphic environment.

We worked hand in hand with the client on the basis of a very specific premise: learning a language is fun and intuitive. The best way to learn a language is to experience it on a daily basis. The tone of the communication had to be modern, friendly and casual, but always bearing in mind the quality and professionalism of the centre. One of the objectives was also to differentiate it from other centres with a similar offer in the Sants district of Barcelona.

The new brand positioning “live&learn” was the main core idea for creating its entire identity. An identity based on recognisable elements from the world of communications and speech: talking emoticons, speech bubbles and balloons. The graphic result is innovative and powerful, together with a very differentiating chromatic range. And the communicative tone is direct, easy, approachable and accessible.

The website design needed to be simple to navigate. The first content tree was designed to highlight the number of languages taught and, in each section, to make clear the different proposals for the client so that they could make CTAs where they were most interested.

The interior design project was carried out in collaboration with the interior designer Maria Farré. We had to be faithful to all the graphic image created, so we looked for maximum corporativism in the interior spaces and powerful graphic application on the façade, seeking maximum visibility and notoriety.